The growing pains of transitioning to ICD-10 can only be surpassed by the pain of adding a slew of new codes that are far from the standard run of the mill ones you utilize every day.

Among the 68,000 new ICD-10-CM diagnosis and procedure codes (compared to 18,000 in ICD-9), CMS has created ICD-10 codes that are considered by some to be among the most bizarre. In fact, Power Your Practice has gone one step further to create the “Awards for the Most Bizarre ICD-10 codes.”

Bizarre or not, these more specific codes are provided as an example of how much more detailed coding is becoming. They also underscore the need for special outsourced ICD-10 expertise in healthcare revenue cycle management to successfully make a smooth transition in your medical practice coding, billing and collections.

And the awards go to:

In the Animal category:

Bronze: Bitten by a turtle – W5921XS

Silver: Bitten by sea lion – W5611XD

Gold: Struck by macaw – W6112XA


In the Water Sports category:

Bronze: Hit or struck by falling object due to accident to canoe or kayak – V9135XA

Silver: Civilian watercraft involved in water transport accident with military watercraft – V94810

Gold: Burn due to water-skis on fire – V9107XA (Evel Knievel is reborn!)


In the Strange Places category:

Bronze: Hurt at the library – Y92241

Silver: Hurt at swimming pool of prison as the place of occurrence – Y92146

Gold: Hurt at the opera – Y92253


In the Air/Space Category:

Bronze: Prolonged stay in weightless environment – X52

Silver: Unspecified balloon accident injuring occupant – V9600XS

Gold: Spacecraft crash injuring occupant – V9542XA


In the Just Plain Weird Category:

Bronze: Hurt walking into a lamppost – W2202XA

Silver: Stabbed while crocheting – Y93D1

Gold: Unspecified event, undetermined intent – Y34


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