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Since 1985 we have been helping physicians practices collect every dollar they deserve.

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Management has spent over three decades building and maintaining relationships with physicians, healthcare organizations, employees and vendors that have consistently produced extraordinary results for our clients. Our integrity based commitment to our relationships have endured the test of time and industry reform.

As the healthcare industry continues to reform and uncertainty prevails, our clients can rely on first class customer service and relentless pursuit of accounts receivable and will continue to create value in physician’s practices for years to come.

Our clients are passionate about the practice of medicine. We are passionate about the business of healthcare. The combined commitment has been mutually beneficial. Please contact us to evaluate your needs and have a casual conversation with our tenured management in the physician RCM industry.

We look forward to our discussion and exploring a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Revenue Cycle Management Specialties

After over 3 decades in the physician RCM business, the company and its team members also have experience in:

  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Assistant surgery
  • Chiropractic
  • Critical care
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Hematology
  • Hospitalist and Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Infectious disease
  • Neonatology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Orthopaedic Trauma
  • Pathology
  • Primary care/Internal medicine
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Sports Medicine

At revMD, its not about the particular CPT code that needs to be reimbursed, its about the actions taken when the CPT code is ignored or inappropriately denied by payers.


Are You Coding 100% of the Services You Provide?

As the best alternative in healthcare revenue cycle management, revMD gives medical practices the superior advantage they need to build profitable practices.

Our advantage is the unique services we provide, our niche specialization in medical practice coding, billing and collections and our passion for collecting every dollar you deserve. Both practice-based and hospital-based physician groups benefit not only from our RCM services but also the cloud based technology and network support that integrate them seamlessly.

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What Your Peers Say

We have used a large public billing companies and smaller Mom & Pops. We have found the perfect combination of size, expertise and experience with revMD.com. Their 30 years of Radiology billing experience benefits our group with regard to obtaining billing information from our partner hospitals and resolving technology issues quickly and professionally. Despite having over 200 clients and 60 employees, we receive first class customer service and results.

Patricia Hambley, MD – Managing Partner, West Florida Radiology Associates

Our coding and billing had always been handled in-house. We liked the control and instant access to our billing & coding information. However, as our practice grew, so did our space requirements and the need for additional personnel. We outsourced to revMD.com who addressed our concerns regarding access to our information and maintaining control. Their extensive resources and expertise has provided us the catalyst to grow, not worry about the management of an internal billing department and link our billing cost with our revenue. They provide great customer service and our staff and their staff work extremely well together as one collaborative team to optimize collections.

Our physician partners feel extremely confident with our revenue in the hands of a 30 year old firm.

Louis Wilson, MD, Practice Administrator, Wichita Falls Gastroenterology Associates

Our group had moved from billing vendor to billing vendor over the years. Each one promised results and expertise, which never materialized. When a colleague suggested his coding billing & collection company, we quickly realized why revMD.com has been in business since 1985. Their coding expertise and attention to the collection of each CPT has made a significant impact on our bottom line.

Salvatore LaCognata, DO, Valley Bone & Joint Specialists
Our group has 27 physicians covering 6 hospitals and 12 free standing imaging centers, with more growth in sight. We rely on our billing company’s reporting capabilities to account for our activities and manage our expansion. Additionally, revMD.com’s technical ability and programming expertise allows us to explore opportunities across a variety of platforms and healthcare systems. With revMD.com, we receive the performance and expertise of a large national player while benefiting from a level of customer service usually only found with a local company.
Mark Williamson, CPA, Arizona Medical Imaging
Our group switched from an East Coast “national” firm to revMD.com in 1997. Our customer service and collection ratios increased dramatically in a few short months. They are the only coding billing and collection company I have ever used.
David Medina, MD, Chandler Radiology Associates, PC
With a R.N. and certified coders on staff, I know my procedures are being billed properly. Since I left my large group practice, revMD.com is the only billing firm I have ever used. revMD.com’s expertise, attention to detail and service is first class.
Gary T. Purcell, MD, East Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PC
Our practice initially hired revMD.com for a one year temporary engagement while we implemented our EMR & PM. Despite a significant investment in our technology, we stayed with them over four years due to their outstanding RCM performance and customer service. When we brought the billing in house, we gained an even deeper appreciation for their expertise.
Rita Delvecchio, Practice Administrator, Scottsdale Perinatal Associates, PLLC
Our physician income relied on our billing company gathering and processing 95,000 ER visits annually at three different facilities using three different dictation companies. Mr. Asterino’s firm is well organized and thorough. Their professionalism in navigating this process was impressive.
Clara Ruddell, RN, Former Regional Director of Operations-Western States
It’s more than just advertising, revMD.com delivers on their promise… every time. They’ve proven to our group that not only do they provide a rapid turnaround in medical practice billing, they decrease the age of outstanding receivables and vastly improve revenue. Their experience in Emergency Medicine billing, coding and collections optimizes our revenue stream and provides extreme value for their service. Our net receivables far outweigh our costs because it’s not what you pay percentage wise; it’s the net receivables that make the difference in our healthcare revenue cycle management.
Emergency Medical Services Group, Bakersfield, CA
It takes a lot for me to admit to being impressed, but with revMD.com I really am. They have gone above and beyond to ensure my practice not only is successful but also profitable. If any one company can be called the industry insider when it comes to knowing all my Family Medicine coding nuances, it’s this one. They’re always aware of the current trends and changes in healthcare revenue cycle management with various payers to keep reimbursement flowing. I have now achieved the balance I seek and can now focus completely on my patients without worrying.
Aimee Warren, DO, Kairin Clinic
My billing was being done internally. It made no sense to have a fixed billing cost when revenue fluctuated from month to month. We always seemed to have some collection issues. I outsourced to revMD.com and within 60 days my collections improved by 40%. Now my billing cost is tied to my collections and I no longer worry about it.
Grace A. Haynes, MD, Primary Care Medicine
When our ED Service Agreement expired, we went to the marketplace looking for customer service and performance delivered consistently at a lower price. revMD.com delivered. I have not been disappointed.
Patrick Gallus, DO, Medical Services of Prescott

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