There are many myths in the medical billing industry. Which ones are guiding your practice decisions? Are they holding you back from optimizing your revenue cycle management? The number one myth out there is that keeping your medical coding, billing and collections practices in-house saves you money. In fact, outsourcing your revenue cycle management process can help avoid the following expenses incurred from in-house revenue cycle management (according to Outsourced Strategies International):

  • Recruitment and training of additional billing personnel
  • Providing periodic training to staff
  • Maintaining innovative structure and advanced technology
  • Purchase of hardware and the latest billing software
  • Payment of employee benefits, including additional allowances and bonuses, vacation pay, sick pay, and so on
  • Implementation of retirement benefit schemes
  • Purchase of office supplies required for claim processing and medical billing
  • Patient statement expenses (includes cost of paper, toner, postage, envelopes, and more)
  • Maintenance costs
  • Payroll taxes
  • Direct claims processing costs
  • Collection costs


Switching healthcare revenue cycle management processes not only saves on these expenses but in 2013 actually creates a win-win situation that increases revenue and assures your return on investment.

Enter Assured Return, a unique new methodology specifically developed by revMD to address the risks of transitioning coding, billing and collections and assures a return on investment in healthcare revenue cycle management. Let’s talk percentages to drive home this point:

When you partner with revMD at 7 percent variable rate:

  • If you see returns of 5 percent more to your bottom line, revMD earns 1 percent more.
  • If you see returns of 10 percent more to your bottom line, revMD earns 2 percent more.
  • If revMD performs only as well as your previous outsourced or in-house process, you will pay 1 percent less than you are paying right now.
  • In the unlikely event revMD generates less revenue than your outsourced or in-house process, your costs will be adjusted down to 2 percent.


A win-win is guaranteed.

It’s time to debunk the myths and know the facts about outsourced healthcare revenue cycle management. With revMD:

  • Revenue is assured.
  • Quality control is guaranteed.
  • Greater revenue is assured.
  • Faster turnaround for payments occurs.
  • Human resource issues disappear.
  • Greater efficiency for your practice happens naturally. Costs decrease while practice revenue increases.
  • Physicians see more patients and spend more time doing what they do best.
  • Physicians gain greater control.

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