Let’s face it, transitions are nerve racking, whether they are in life or in business. Many healthcare officials believe the 2,700 page Affordable Care Act (ACA), with its 12,000 pages of regulations, is leading to even more uncertainty. Just how will the transition to the ACA work, and how will appointed and career federal officials determine the law’s final requirements? All of this uncertainty raises real concerns about how the new law will impact the most crucial element in any healthcare reform effort: physicians.

That’s why doctors are nervous about the new law and how it will affect their incomes, their healthcare revenue cycle management, access to technologies and their professional autonomy. According to a survey by the Doctors Company, “60 percent of physicians are concerned that the new law will negatively impact patient care. Only 22 percent are optimistic about the law’s impact on patient care. 51 percent feel that the law will negatively impact their relationships with patients. These statistics raise questions about how and whether doctors will participate in the new system.”

Then there’s the transition to ICD-10 by Oct. 1, 2014, which means significant changes to both physician medical billing and office procedures, which are expected to affect every aspect of business operations. It also requires physicians to increase the level of medical record documentation across all aspects of service.

Is there such a thing as a seamless transition these days? There’s one unique approach that offers a smooth transition and helps doctors breathe a sigh of relief—a bridge to ensure continued revenue stream during the transition of outsourcing your medical practice billing and coding services. Enter Revenue Bridge, an innovative product developed by revMD.com.

Revenue Bridge offers a no-risk way to bridge the gap between a medical practice’s old and new services, and keep cash flow at optimum levels during the transition to better medical practice billing, coding and collections. Strategic partnerships are created with third party financers for claim payment guarantee during this critical on-boarding time. When a practice makes the transfer, revMD.com pays the former company to transfer/walk away from the remaining contract.

revMD.com is the results-proven alternative for physician revenue cycle management, with a niche specialization in medical practice coding and billing that generates unprecedented results and builds profitable medical practices. Not only is revMD.com the industry expert in physician coding, billing and collections, they are the professionals for seamless ICD-10 implementation. Leveraging a history of industry wide success spanning 25 years, revMD.com partners with medical practices throughout the U.S. to optimize revenue for hospital based and practice based physicians. For more information, visit www.revmd.com.

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