Do urologists and nephrologists actually catch a few breaks with the ICD-10 conversion? This transition might just streamline your work in some respects because ICD-10 codes are more straightforward in your specializations. You will see new combination codes for patients with co-morbidities like diabetes to which you will need to become accustomed. And where ICD-9 had two or three codes for a patient with diabetes and renal failure, there will be only one in ICD-10.

There’s even more information out there that can help streamline your practice operations. But it takes special expertise in Urology revenue cycle management to not only anticipate and prepare for all the changes in ICD-10’s Oct. 1, 2014 implementation but also uncover opportunities to grow your Urology practice.

Because the scope of the ICD-10 conversion can be compared to the Y2K date correction conversion, you can expect significant changes to office procedures, which are anticipated to affect every aspect of business operations including your Urology medical billing and coding. ICD-10 also requires you to increase your level of medical record documentation across all areas of service. Both you and coders will collect and document more data on patients to justify codes submitted for claims.

During the conversion, said to be the most significant overhaul of the medical coding system since computers were introduced, your practice requires a physician revenue cycle management team with a full cadre of support and resources especially designed to prepare your team to:

  • Organize the effort      
  • Analyze the impact
  • Contact the vendors
  • Budget for costs
  • Implement software and systems upgrades
  • Conduct internal testing
  • Train staffs
  • Conduct external testing of transactions
  • Keep revenue flowing
  • Maximize revenue stream


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