With all the compliance regulations today, it’s a struggle to optimize Orthopedic Surgery revenue cycle management, particularly when compliance needs to be upheld, denied claims need to be appealed and grueling technical questions about diagnoses and procedures need to be answered.

You know that having a compliance plan is critical to the health of your practice overall and your Orthopedic Surgery coding, billing and collections process specifically. But is your plan up to date? Does it fully identify areas of risk and key areas to correct? Who has time to keep abreast of all of the changing regulations, document policies and procedures and maintain the plan to its full extent? Being vigilant in upholding the latest Orthopedic Surgery compliance regulations is a job in and of itself. Even one inadvertent oversight can cost an Orthopedic Surgery practice significantly.

To help you understand some of the changes on the horizon, the following includes pertinent OIG regulations for 2013:

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Keeping you continually up to date on compliance, while maximizing your Orthopedic Surgery revenue cycle management return, is revMD’s passion.

revMD, formerly known as Asterino & Associates, is the results-proven alternative for Orthopedic Surgery revenue cycle management based just east of Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in compliance for Orthopedic Surgery coding, billing and collections and continually maintain strict adherence to OIG regulations. revMD works closely with Orthopedic Surgery practices to ensure a compliance plan is in place. Fully prepared for OIG regulation changes in 2013, revMD ensures that Orthopedic Surgery coding, billing and collections practices reduce denied claims with the highest levels of compliance while yielding optimal Orthopedic Surgery revenue cycle management. And they eliminate the headache for Orthopedic Surgery practices that try on their own to juggle all the changes along with their delivery of patient care.

Any more, it takes an industry insider with the experience that only builds when your services have responded to the specific needs of Orthopedic Surgery revenue cycle management for more than 25 years.

For further OIG Work Plan details: Download a PDF of the 2013 OIG Work Plan.

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