These days, change has become the new standard in healthcare. 2013 will be no exception, especially for Family Practice revenue cycle management. Changes will occur to some of your most-used Family Practice codes, including updates to some of your most common vaccines. Plus, you may be facing potential reimbursement issues under the 2013 Fee Schedule and compliance concerns too. And there are E/M coding changes, too.

For all of these changes and many more coming down the pike every day in Family Practice medical coding, billing and collections, it’s imperative to the health of your Family Practice revenue cycle management to have an expert in your corner who understands these changes and how they impact your family practice group.

revMD’s specialization in practice-based Family Practice revenue cycle management helps you navigate the waters of Family Practice medical coding, billing and collections to maximize your revenue and keep you at optimal compliance.

Speaking of compliance, a compliance plan for your Family Practice group is vital. If you have one, is it updated to reflect and manage these changes? Are you and your staff fully prepared? A comprehensive compliance plan not only is critical to develop, it’s a challenge to maintain if you’re doing it in-house.

To help you understand some of the changes on the horizon, the following lists some of the OIG regulations for 2013.

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Outsourcing your coding, billing and collections to revMD assures that your practice is vigilant every day in your compliance and profitable in your revenue.

revMD, formerly known as Asterino & Associates, is the results-proven alternative for Family Practice revenue cycle management based just east of Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in Family Practice compliance and maintain strict adherence to OIG regulations specific to Family Practice groups.

Any more, it takes an industry insider with the experience that only builds when your services have responded to the specific Family Practice coding, billing and collections needs for more than 25 years.

For further OIG Work Plan details: Download a PDF of the 2013 OIG Work Plan.

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